Pics of Spiaggia MAMMA MIA & DENARO!!

  1. Ok some of you asked to see the pics of my spiaggia mamma mia, so here she is! I love how the top is just the fish scene, reminds me of an aquarium. And I'm usually not fond of the ladies on the bags but the one on my port is so pretty!

    They had another one w/good placement of the boy eating the hot dog and I was gonna get that one but again I liked how just the fish are on top of this bag.
    s-mmfront.jpg s-mmback.jpg s-mmbottom.jpg s-mmside2.jpg s-mmside1.jpg
  2. more pics!!

    Oh and I got these at the lesportsac store in Beverly Hills, CA
    s-mmtop.jpg s-denarofront.jpg s-denaroback.jpg s-port.jpg
  3. Cute!! The front of your MM is near what I'd want on mine!! And MamaJam would love your denaro since it has her Jamaican hubby! *lol* And the back is almost like mine! That's a much better denaro than the one you had before.
  4. aww those are so cuuuute! congrats!

  5. yeah it is, here's the denaro I had before. It just sucks that I had to pay more money for this one. The one I got from Casey was only $64 total and this one was $68 + 8.25% tax = $73.61, so almost $10 more but it's way better print placement!
    DSC02307.JPG DSC02306.JPG
  6. You know me so well, Maya! Hahahahaah I do LOVE your denaro!!!!!! I don't usually like small wallets... i'm a check sized wallet kind of girl, but if I saw your denaro with my hubby on it... i'd SWOOP it up!

  7. awww i love the top of your mamma mia!! n i LOOVEEE your spiaggia port..i dunno...everytime i see a spiaggia port it makes me want one more n more! especially with the hot hawaiian chick on it! but to pay retail for it...hmmmm is it worth it?!
  8. well I'm using my port as my camera case and putting my ipod/earphones in the front mesh pocket part. Also I needed something to help me fill up my mamma mia since I usually just carry my wallet, cell, some lipstick/chapstick, ipod and my camera.
  9. Your mamma mia front is EXACTLY what I want! :drool:
    Good to know the monkey and deer can't both fit in on a mamma mia like this, one has to be cut off. :push:
  10. your mamma mia is totally cute, tracy! I :heart: how the happy unicorn is placed nicely on both sides :biggrin:
  11. So they do make a spiaggia mm...why don't pulse sell I am broke because I got a gioco instead but I really want mm. Thanks for the pics though...It's cute!!!
  12. Aw, that sucks... I know I, along with a few others, mentioned in other threads that there will be the Spiaggia MM... :sad:
  13. I think they are going to be discontinuing bag styles for the next print that comes out. I was told that they are not making caramella's anymore. So if you want one Spiaggia is the last print they're making it in. I know we've heard it before about discontinued bag styles but I think its actually true.
  14. hi
    i really need a spiaggia denaro for my sister's wedding gift.
    she's in love with the print so i am trying to buy her 1 of each bag and wallet for her wedding gift.
    I really do not care if it used as long as it is in good condition
    placement doesn't matter. i just need one!!!! PLEEEEEAS!!!!!!!!!!
    i am 4 bags away from the whole collection
  15. Talk about bringing the dead back :lol:

    You might be able to find ones on eBay. Just wait it out.
    *you can't buy on this forum is that is what you were implying*