Pics of "Speedy"

  1. does anyone around 5 - 5'3" have pictures of themselves holding a 30, 35 and/or 40? i normally carry a good sized to large bag and can't decide which size to choose. there is no louis vuitton store in my town and eluxury is out of the 35 (the one i think i want). looking at the monograms and/or maybe the graffiti.

    sorry if this is a redundant question. i'm new!
  2. 1. Check Visual Aids!
    2. Below is my MC Speedy 30 (it's not up in that thread cuz I find it too "personal" to be always posted up there......)
    3. I'm 5'2 and 96lbs
    4. It's for my MSNspace thing....(sorry it doesn't say PF lol)
    5. Don't mind the cat...................................
    6. I LOVE MY WATCH! lol -->Cartier

    Sept9.MCSpeedy.front.JPG Sept9.MCSpeedy.left.Sammytail.JPG
  3. Sorry, I don't have pic...just some advice. I think you should go with the 30. I'm 5'2" and a size 16, I have a 35 (I love big bags by the way) and sometimes I feel it's alittle big....being a size 16 kinda evens it out even though I'm only 5'2", if you know what mean? But, if you're say 5'2" and PETITE, 35 might be too big.
  4. I have the the 30 also and it is plenty big. I am 5"4 120 punds. IMO the 35 and 40 are great for travel.
  5. HI. I'm new to this site... I 'm 5' 2 and I have a speedy 35. I find that this size is just right for me. The only thing about it is if there's not much in my bag, it looks a little weird (kinda flat but not really) because the bag is soft. And if my bag is full, it kinda gets tiring carrying it especially if I'm shopping... Not that I'm complaining:smile: my husband might take it back...:smile: Hope it helps...

  6. thank you! i looked in the visual aid thread, but i couldn't tell what size everyone was carrying or their weight/height... so i only found myself more frustrated. i really appreciate each of your sending photos! i think i'm ordering the 40 mono for luggage, the 35 mono for day wear (i carry a lot around with me) and black 25 epi for work.
  7. Here's me and my 30...

  8. And my 35... I'm five feet tall. :shame:

  9. thank you all, again, for your help! i went to LV 'near' where i live to size them (and buy), then my incredible boyfriend (of nearly 8 yrs.) bought me the 40! i LOVE it, the size and it's incredibly special now that it was a surprise gift!
  10. yay!! congrats! please post pics!!
  11. Love your stairway,