Pics of some of my bags....

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  1. Thought I finally get off my butt and show you guys how much of a pursaholic I am when it comes to handbags. I have more but my camera battery died :Push: !

    The black spy bag still has a tag on it, because I'm not sure if I want to get the bigger one instead!
  2. Sorry you didn't come out...damn it! I just have to wait for hubby to fix it :cry: .
  3. Aww, I wanted to see your collection.
  4. yeahhhh! I finally figured it out! Pictures of my pride and joys! 1) Fendi 2) Balenciaga 3) Gucci 4) Marc Jacobs 5) Louis Vuitton 6) Prada 7) Ferragamo, Tod's & Rafe 8) Hogan, F. Basia, Monsac & Burberry 9) Be & D

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  5. More....1) Louis Vuitton Mono Speedy 35 w/ chain pouchette 2) Coach 3) Bebe, DKNY, K. Cole & Whiting and Davis 4) C. Falchi, Le Sportsac for Lamb, Betsy Johnson & Ipa Nima 5) Bottega Veneta 6) Chanel 7) YSL

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  6. Wow what a huge and beautiful collection!! So pretty! I am jealous!

    Thank you for sharing.

  7. I know the pics are awful :shame: , some are so dark you can't see the nice details :sad: . Hopefully I will find some time to do them over, thanks to Fayden....maybe I'll do way better the second time!

    Thanks Selena! :shame: :biggrin:
  8. I'm in love with your collection.. love the black city and the ysl.
  9. pursemama - love:love: your collection! You have alot of the bags that I really love ... thanks for sharing!
  10. wow I love love love it! Your collection is gorgeous! I've been in love with that Gucci blondie bag for the longest time!!
  11. Lovely, lovely collection, pursemama!!!
  12. Thanks for the pics pursemama! I'm going to continue to drool alll over them especially your Chanel! :nuts: :love:
  13. All your bags are classics! Beautiful pursemama!
  14. What a nice collection! Great Bags!
  15. you have such a gorgeous collection!! i love your marc jacobs bags!