Pics of some new chloe additions

  1. Just wanted to share pics of my new chloe additions. :cutesy: :shame:

    Bracelet bag loves this!!!!


    anthracite paddy I have been wearing this badboy since i got her a week and a half ago :love:

  2. hey am loving the bracelet bag.Conrats
  3. Beautiful purchases!
  4. D&G I'd love to see a group piccie of your gorgeous collection..!! :love: All your bags are TDF, and oh that bracelet bag is just P:heart:E:heart: R:heart: F:heart: E:heart: C:heart:T!!
    I'm loving the anthracite paddy too, congrats..!!! :flowers:
  5. Thank you Karrey, Danica, and Sonja :flowers: :flowers: :heart: :shame:

    Sonja, i will do a group pic very soon, just waiting for a couple of more things to arrive :nuts: :flowers: :upsidedown:
  6. OHHH- the leather on the bracelet bag looks so smooshy soft!:love: Love it!:heart: Love the other one too!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  7. OMG! I am seriously loving that bracelet bag! IT is GORGEOUS! And your anthracite paddy is beautiful! Congratulations & Enjoy!!!!
  8. I LOVE THAT BRACLET BAG!!!! :tender: Omg... it's just so hot! :heart::heart::heart: (and BTW, I really love those shoes in the picture too!! :love:) Your paddy looks so pretty!!! You have great style D&G!!! I can't wait to find out what else you bought!! (Got any hints for us?? :graucho:)
  9. Yay I cant wait to see the next "newborns!!!" :nuts: I'm loving your style, you have excellent taste..!!
  10. Thanks Zacorey, Jag, and Audrey :heart: :heart:

    The bracelet bag is sooooo soft OMG! I wanted to condition her yesterday but since i've been shopping on the low :angel:, i didn't want my BF to see her. LOLOLOL

    I'll be posting everything else next week :graucho:

    My 2007 New Year's resolution is not to buy one single bag. I'm stocking up! LOL
  11. COngrats ..Oh Chloe Queen..LMAO!
    It looks so soft and pretty..Love that color!!!
  12. I love both of them.
  13. Congrats, my friend!! You are building quite a collection. you have a couple more coming if I'm not mistaken!!
    I just got the anthracite paddy too--It is on its way from California as we speak!! Hopefully flying first class and having a little sip of champagne!
  14. You rock D&G!! I am sooo in love with that bracelet bag :love:

    ... and the shoes!!!
  15. Thank you so much for the compliments Jill, Y&R, macp6, and hmwe46

    Macp6 - you will :heart: anthracite so much. I've been wearing mines everyday!!!!

    I am expecting some more babies my way. I will take a picture of the quadruplets next wednesday or thursday! :nuts: LOL
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