PICS of Soho Clutch -

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  1. [​IMG] Sorry I am kind of new to this so I didn't know how to edit my original post. Also, I really don't think I uploaded the pictures correctly but I hope you can see them well enough.
    I went to Bloomies to pick this up. They said it was the last one there and that I would have a real hard time finding it anywhere else. It has a dent in the leather in the back which they gave me 10% off for. Do you think that's ok?

    [​IMG]The top folds over.



    [​IMG]This is the defect in the back

    [​IMG]Let me know what you think! THanks!
  2. Beautiful bag, but as much as it cost, the dent would bother me. I wonder if they could at least try to find you another bag, even if it will be hard. However, if your okay with the price adjustment and the dent does not bother you, than I would keep it.
  3. If it really bothers you i would try to see if you could get a new one, even if it might be difficult. But at least the dent is in the back and IMO isn't really that noticeable. I know it would bother me a little bit at first too, but as soon as you take her out and show her off you, I'm sure you will soon forget about that little dent! Just enjoy your new Chanel baby! :P
  4. nice bag, I wouldnt worry about and as you said they gave you 10% off. which is good.

    I would secretly try and call other stores and see if they have the bag, and if they do return this one and buy that one. lol
  5. I like the fact that they gave you a discount.

    Isn't it possible that the dent will puff back out? Especially with a little coaxing?
  6. Thanks for all the replies! I think I will try to find another one. Although saving $200 for a little dent is not bad too. At least, because it was bought at Bloomies, I can return anytime.
  7. I would return if you are not happy. It may not come out and 10 percent is not a huge amount is it.

    Good luck