Pics of Smaller Ritz in Grey washed calfskin

  1. Here is the smaller version of the Ritz (A33469). It is in smooshy soft washed/aged calfskin. The grey is a very pretty grey with blue undertones.
    The measurements are: 12" long (same length as the 2.55 227 Reissue); 6.25" high; 6" wide at the bottom. It fits perfectly under the arm, 3 compartments (flap front; middle kisslock frame; back zip top) and fits a ton. For anyone looking for a smaller version of the large patent Ritz, this is it.

    Ritz rs1.jpg ritz rs2.jpg ritz rs4.jpg
  2. i love it!!! congrats the color is amazing!
  3. Love it!
  4. Is it yours? It's beautiful!
    What's the retail?
  5. ^^ Yes Swanky. It is mine. I haven't cut the tags yet because I am deciding between this or the White 2005 2.55 Reissue in the 227 size. I got them both the same day and am torn but am leaning towards this one because I think I will get much more use (holds more, darker & pretty color grey, more year round, very cute & different looking, smooshy soft leather, 4 litte feet on the bottom, ruthenium hw, etc..... Sounds like I'm convincing myself even as I wrote that!). I just thought the ladies on PF might like to see a pic of it since I have it. Oh, and it is 2495.
  6. ^I'd pick this one! I LOVE this! I'd love to see it on you!
  7. OMG, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have never seen the gray! Did not even know it came in Gray. I saw the Navy and was thrilled I did not get it. That bag is GORGEOUS!! I love it! Go with the Ritz. The white reissue is a nice bag(I have one) but it starts to look grayish. Hard to describe. Do not get me wrong, as I love it a lot and use it often but this bag in gray would seem more practical. I would use it more.
  8. Really Gorgeous !!!
    Thanks for sharing pics Golden !!!
  9. wow, nice bag! Post some pics with you as a model!! Congrats!!
  10. I love this bag, congrats. I hope I can find one after the holidays.... I have to be good (I keep telling myself).
  11. That's really nice :yes:
  12. Oh, wow! The color and texture of that bag look delicious! Congrats and enjoy!!!
  13. I love the color! It's very close to the Noir Paddington I returned.

    This is a classy looking bag - keep it!!
  14. thanks for posting pics!! it's such a great bag! and i LOVE the little kisslock

    -keep it! i agree w/ you on this vs. the white (they are both classics, but you'll probably do this one more, AND its a classic w/ a twist!) love it!

    p.s. how much of a size difference is there between this size and the large?? a drastic difference... or just a tad?
  15. Pretty color!