Pics of Small Diamond Shine Tote...

  1. Posting pics of the small Diamond Shine tote for your reference before she goes back home... ;)
    Chanel and JC Shoes 001.jpg Chanel and JC Shoes 002.jpg
  2. Ooh, if I start a thread in the Reference LIbrary will you add them w/ her size, price, etc. . . .?

    It's a beautiful bag:yes:
  3. Sure, will do!
  4. :nuts: What a gorgeous bag! :love:
  5. Thanks! She is a gorgeous color...but won't work out for me...she is very stiff...

    She is similar in size to the small DS and Outdoor totes.
  6. oh my goodness! the color is amazing.

    it reminds me of the shopper totes but sparkly! soo pretty
  7. How much was this bag? Did it zip closed?
    It sooo pretty!!!
  8. I agree SoCal. I loved the bag, but too stiff. Didn't like how it fit under the arm. I returned mine also.
  9. I saw one at Saks the other day. IRL this bag is just gorgeous. Photos don't do it justice. (I am not saying practical/wearable, but gorgeous -- LOL)
  10. Right around $2200...I can't even remember how it closed at this point...gorgeous bag, completely non-functional for me...GG, yes, it was the fit that established its "return" status...
  11. I saw it in blue at NM last week. Beautiful but I agree, not at all practical for me.

  12. The tote has no closure! It's wide open!
  13. it has a big, inner removable zippered bag that snaps to the purse on both ends.