Pics Of Saleya MM & Damier Open Toe Pumps

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  1. Here you go of the Saleya & patent Damier open toe pumps.
    The first pic is naturally how I'd wear the shoes...pants covering them...LOL.
    I rolled the hem of my jeans on the others so that you can see them better.
    I don't wear skirts (well hardly ever) so that's out of the question...but one can truly appreciate the beauty of these if worn with a skirt.
    Oh...I also included a pic of the sunglasses for Matt ;)
    DSC02156.JPG DSC02157.JPG DSC02159.JPG DSC02160.JPG
  2. Cute! thanks for sharing.
  3. Goes very well with the it..It's nice with Jeans but I am skirt and capri gal...I would def, wear it with skirt. Lovely..thanks for sharing..always Fabs!
  4. WOW! you look beautiful!! i love the Saleya and the shoes:love:

    Are those Gucci sunnies? they look like mine:yes:
  5. I am not a fan of Damier but I have to say that it looks great. I have been hesitant to try with not real reason, it but it is really pretty and elegant
  6. JoJo, those shoes are hot! I love the bag and shoes together!
  7. JoJo, great pics, I want a saleya now! I love the combo and you're top too. You look wonderful as always with your nice smile. Thanks for sharing! :tender:
  8. More great pics! Thanks for being our model. Love the shoes!
  9. I can't get over how great damier looks with denim!!! JoJo, thank you for posting those!:flowers:
  10. You're welcome ladies!
    Thanks for the compliments :biggrin:

    xLAUx: They are Chanels...model 5045.
    I love them...they are my favorite pair.
    I have quite a few, but I always end up wearing these...LOL.
  11. Oh Jojo you are SO killing me with all these pis of the Saleya. I really really want one. :heart:

    I read some other members talking about how the bottom base of the bag was too wide so it is uncomfortable wearing it on the shoulder. I guess they were saying that the base pokes out too far.

    Do you have this problem? I was loving the bag so much when I tried it on that I didnt examine the base.
  12. you are the ultimate fashionista!
  13. JoJo, you look so hot rockin' the Damier! You are a total fashionista!
  14. Love those shoes!!! And the Saleya! :flowers:
  15. Did it just get hot in here or what?!!
    That is a great combo, & you are wearing it WELL!
    Love those shoes, are they comfy at all?
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