Pics of S/S 2008 Bags ~ Woo Hoo!

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  1. hi & happy new year ~ i received these pics from my SA & thought i'd share ~ sorry ~ still no red metallic tho' i think the navy & silver are both :love: :love: :love: ~ enjoy! ~ viki xx
    vikichanel08hbags1gif.gif vikichanel08hbags2.gif vikichanel08hbags3.gif vikichanel08hbags4.gif vikichanel08hbags5.gif
  2. thanks for the post, great bags
  3. you are an angel! :love:
    thank you thank you thank you!!!
  4. a couple more .............
    vikichanel08hbags6.gif vikichanel08hbags7.gif
  5. Argh I'm torn now between the black and the navy. The black is what I've always wanted but the navy is just GORGEOUS :love:. What to do, what to do?!!
  6. that silver metallic bag is tdf!!!
  7. Thank you for sharing~
  8. Very pretty! The navy is gorgeous! Still holding out for the metallic red.
  9. Gorgeous!! I want the metallic and the navy!

    Thanks for posting!
  10. Thanks for posting it! the metallic reissues are the black & the navy reissues!!
  11. Oh yes... That navy is beautiful! I have to have one!
  12. They're all beautiful but not totally ringing my bells yet.
  13. The silver looks darker than last years silver, very pretty! Thanks for posting!
  14. oooh! i love the scrummy yummy red and cute navy reissues! the pewter metallic is fab too... ahhh so torn!
  15. thanks for posting these pix :smile: