PICS of RMs with your scarves!! Please Post yours!!

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  1. I'm a die hard scarf fan!! I love to find gorgeous scaves to wear with my RMs. My personal favorite is Tolani. Here's a few I found that will look great this fall. Let's see yours too!!

    ...Tomato Nubuck BF/Tolani...

    EB MAC/Tolani

    Sea Green MAM/Tolani

    Emerald MAM/Tolani

    Eggshell 3 ZIP MAC/Green Dot MAC/Tolani

    Mods: I searched for the old LQ scarf/RM thread but couldn't find it....please merge if you need to...Thanks!
  2. More!


  3. MAG, I love all of your scarves & all of your RM's for that matter, you have wonderful taste!
    I personally love Tolani as well, their designs and colors are amazing!
  4. :drool::drool::drool:
  5. Such beauty!! You have impeccable taste Amy! :cloud9::cloud9:
  6. Everything matches to the T... Beautiful!:tup::tup:
  7. WOW! I honestly could not pick a favorite if I had to! As much as I love RM's colors, your scarves really make them pop all that much more...the prints look fantastic with these bags.

    I have to admit, I totally jumped on the LQ bandwagon a year or so ago, but I am loving the printed Tolani's even more. LQ's are very pretty with some beautiful colors, but your scarves really bring out the colors of the bags!

    Off to check out Tolani scarves....:graucho:
  8. Oh no...this thread could be dangerous!! I love scarves, but sadly don't have much use for them in a 80'+ year round climate! I have a few...will have to see what I can dig up! Your scarves are gorgeous MAGJES, and perfect pairing with all your lovely RM's! I am especially loving the Green Dot MAC!
  9. These are really gorgeous pictures, Magjes! I love how all of your scarfs match the colors of the bags really well.

    I don't have a blue bag unfortunately, but sometimes I tie my twilly scarf to the handles of my MAMs. Here is the blue twilly with a black MAM:


    I like how it makes a pretty bow :smile:
  10. Mag- you are killing me!! I love the 2nd scarf.
  11. Beautiful pics everyone! Great thread! :smile:
  12. OMG MAGJES - I'm loving all your pictures. Those scarves are beautiful and they go absolutely perfect with your RMs! :girlsigh: