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  2. that must be a prototype right? i had read the plastic dots werent gonna be mass produced though i love them!!!

    anyway! I LOVE THIS BAGGG!!!!

    ETA: is the bag made out of leather like the motard biker or is it Fabric?
  3. yeah its on eBay now only $4,000 :yahoo::nuts: Item number: 280201403359
  4. I SO want to see this bag irl! Thanks for posting Steve !
  5. it...:heart::p
  6. omg thats amazzzzzzzzzzzing!!!!!!!!!!! i wsh they made the smaller one..yeah, is it all leather or fabric-y?

    God thats so goreous :heart:...Thanks for posting Steve!
  7. wait what? :nuts:

    thats way under priced of the expected retail of the bag right? :upsidedown:
  8. according to the listing:

    This is a very special bag, a collectors item.
    This bag sells for 4800 Pounds in the United Kingdom (That is roughly $9600 US Dollars).


    SIZE: H 19.5' x W 14.5' x D 6'

    The luxurious bag is made out of soft pony skin and comes in fuchsia hot-pink colour, which will go great with your summer tan. Artist Richard Prince gave the bold coloured bags a Pop-Art touch, by decorating the shoppers with hand-embroidered cartoons.
    These bags just hit the stores in Europe on February 1st.
  9. My heart just skipped a beat :heart:.
  10. Thanks for postig Steve!!! These are great pics.
  11. Wait a minute.

    My SA told me that the one that will be produced for sale will not have the dots. So this must be a prototype or the runway sample bag, right? :confused1:
  12. Thanks for posting!! Great pictures!
  13. I don't like it it looks fake

    REF the dots last I heard they changed their mind and they will have the dots not sure if it right or not
  14. ^^^ same here, not a huge fan but thanks for posting it is always fun to look. I also have heard, first dots, then about 2 months ago no dots, last I heard the dots were back on. It is anyone's guess at this point! LOL!
  15. Yea i heard there was no dots but i love the dots! i think it would have been nice if they made a pochette in this style.