Pics of pre-fall and fall bags?

  1. Hi--I was at a Dior boutique in May and saw some styles I liked. The SA said they were from the pre-fall collection. I was hoping they'd show up on elux, but no luck. Is there anywhere I can see pics of the new collections? didn't have have the ones I remember. I emailed them asking if they had a catalogue they could send out, and they sent the ever-so-helpful generic "Call a SA at 1-800..." which doesn't help me at all since I have no idea what the style names are!
  2. I believe that has alot of the new styles on their site.

    You can get the names from there and then call an associate for availability and pricing.
  3. I'm a sucker for pink, :heart: the ethnic fuchsia hobo.
  4. ^ loganz is right - the dior website is very comprehensive and pretty easy to navigate. plus the dior site pretty much has pictures of the catalogue itself. i can't remember if i have the latest catalogue but if i do, i'll try and get to a scanner and put it up here.

    alternatively if you can remember how any of the styles look like at all, you could try describing them to us. i'm sure us crazy dior girls could help you out with the names. ;)
  5. Hmm, they did add some things since I last looked at the Dior website. I don't think they have the ones I saw though. There were a couple logo bags I liked, I think in the same line as this one from Elux.
    And a white hobo in this line, but I don't know what season that was from, and I'd prefer a different color. (Is there any chance at all that these would go on sale someday? Probably not?)
  6. Do you know how I could get a catalogue? That's what I asked in my email to Dior but they just sent me a generic answer.
  7. the first one from elux is part of the new ethnic line. it's about as current as dior bags go (along with those brightly coloured cannage drawstrings and some other variations of the jeanne bags)

    i don't recall of the "my dior" (that's the name of the range of the 2nd & 3rd bags) line having a hobo in it, a long baguette shaped one, a single pocket and a double pocket is all i can remember from that line). as for the "my dior"s you can probably get them cheaper on or probably on sale next season? i know the rebelles were on sale this season.

    as for getting a catalogue, just ask an SA for one. or when you make a purchase at dior, the SAs usually would slip you a catalogue if there's one in store. i was in the manchester branch once and making the payment for my purchase when a man walked up to the SA who was helping me and asked for a catalogue. she told him they were out of it and that he could take a browse of the in-store copy. i don't know how true that might be, but it's worth asking the SA. :yes: i know there were LOTS of it lying around in the boutiques in paris and the SAs would readily come up to you to offer you a catalogue.