*PICS* of Prada card case!

  1. I actually got this a few weeks ago..Took pics of YSL bag I got today and finally took pics of this!!!! I have a Prada wallet coming at the end of the week..from BlueFly..will post pics of that when I get it..Love this thing!!!
    ysl and prada mini 012.jpg ysl and prada mini 017.jpg ysl and prada mini 013.jpg
  2. VERY cute! Congrats girl!~
  3. oooh... i really like this! lovely card case!
  4. Very Nice Emmy! :smile:
  5. I like it.
  6. Cute-congrats
  7. Nice card case Emmy!!! :p

    How many credit cards can ya fit in there? Can you post a pic for us once you put your stuff in it? How's the leather??

    Congratulations my friend!!!:flowers:
  8. ..Love the leather..It won't scuff or scratch..It's the saffiano leather...I will post pics when I load her up..I just received the matching wallet too..PERFECT size!! I'll post pics of that when I get a chance...Thanx for the compliments!!! :p
  9. Oooh what style wallet did you get? continental, french, or zip? how can't wait to see it! :}
  10. I have this in Red and I love it!!!!
  11. Very cute, congrats!
  12. Very cute, I love it!
    Congrats & enjoy Emmy. =)

  13. ^ Oh that is sweet!! I bet that is gorgeous!!
    *Thanx* everyone for the compliments!!! :p
  14. Snoopy I got a 'double' french..I LOVE it..I'll post pics this week...I just love the saffiano...so durable and sharp too!! :yes: