pics of potiron Bolide, bracelets, & hippo

  1. Here are pics of my latest acquisitions. The color of the bag IRL is not as bright as it is in the pics. It is much more of a pumkin color.:love: I've been carrying this bag around for the last two days and I've never had so many compliments. It really is a beauty. I LOVE the hippo lock too! Thanks for letting me share my joy!:yahoo:


  2. oh i'm getting the warm fuzzies.
    :yahoo: :yahoo:
    thank you so much for posting those beautiful pictures here. love love love!!!
  3. love it! i saw the bolide in blue jean at the boutique in las vegas- it is a wonderful size, and that leahter is sumptuous! congrats!
  4. HOT BAG!!!! Give us details/specs...I want more! I want one of those bags too.
  5. It is a 31cm, if I remember correctly:shame: , togo leather with PH.
  6. Nice collection, love the colors!
  7. Wow! a Bolide in blue jean is fabulous! It wasn't there when I was there. I would have had a very hard time deciding between the two. I love blue jean too!:love:
  8. wooo nice!!! Congrats Kat! they are all so geogeous!!!
  9. OMG!!! *thud* That's gorgeous beyond words! I'm in love with your Bolide. :yes:
  10. Those are wonderful!! I adore your Bolide, too!
  11. Gorgeous Kat! The Potiron Bolide is just stunning, and the bracelets and hippo go beautifully!
  12. Looks great! All of them!! Enjoy...gosh I miss my potiron.....
  13. Gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  14. They are all beautiful. More compliments to come!
  15. Kat, what lovely bracelets! I have the black Caleche one but I need to get more now and wear a couple at a time.

    And your Bolide.. well what can I say? Gorgeous!!! I'm partial to Potiron (as that's the colour of my Birkin, lol). It's an awesome colour and is quite easy to match. The Hippo lock is fab too. I want one! Oh dear, I need to join HA!