pics of plomb color next to a black work

  1. hi ladies.. a few have asked about how dark the plomb actually is.. so i took these pics this morning and i find them pretty accurate. this is natural light, no flash.

    hope this helps!

    plomb3.jpg plomb2.jpg plomb1.jpg
  2. toni- nice pics! black definitely looks much richer next to plomb. btw- those lips in your avatar- looks like an RBL!
  3. the top picture with the two buckles is closest to the window, and most looks like the bag when outside in brighter light.
    the other two pictures are taken more inside my living room away from the window and more look like the bag when in room light...
  4. i have to change those lips! i was fooling around one day.. that is my ichat icon, looks much better with the little chat bubble next to it..

    okay.. i know i am old.. but what is RBL??
  5. thanks so much for the pictures toni, I was contemplating between those to colors for a while, so I am sure it will help alot of members in the future, btw both your bags are beautiful!
  6. Very.. accurate picture indeed~! :tup: Thanks for posting!
  7. Oh wow Plomb is gorgeous. I have been debating over a classic black, but perhaps plomb might be a better choice. Thanks Toni22 :tup:
  8. LOL not old! RBL- Radiance BLythe lips.

    here is a picture of one from my flickr.

    i could have sworn those were blythe lips!!!

    ps. what year is your black work from?
  9. ahh! they totally are blythe lips!! my grandmother was a doll maker... she helped found the New York doll hospital. she never got into blythe tho.. i tried to encourage her! She was an amazing artist.

    the work is an SS 07 a "w" stamp. i got it last summer.. it is finally breaking in nicely!
  10. to be honest, plomb looks like a faded black to me.
  11. oh wow, i will have to look into the doll hospital. didn't even know one existed here. i just got into blythe dolls dec of last year, so i'm pretty much a newbie.

    wow your black work looks like it has very nice smooth leather. i just bought one last month from ss 07 as well. can't wait for mine to break in.
  12. Yeah, but faded black is just what some of us are looking for. Dark blacks are great - but as I get older, I find them a bit harsh as an accessory for daytime. We were just watching a nicely produced HBO drama last night, and the interior decor had a couple of layers of black - very dark to faded, combined with some reds and oranges - very sophisticated.

    And, I have a picture of one tPFer and her all-black outfit (different tones of black though) wearing her white very slouchy work bag and it's TDF, the way the white sets off those shades of black.

    The plomb reminds me of my darling anthracite, but without the blue. And while I love anthracite, it is necessary sometimes to wear something other than a blue bag!

    Thanks for posting the pictures, Toni, you're making me rethink my fall buying strategies - plomb is a very interesting choice.
  13. also rather than a "faded black" you can look at it as a softer more muted black
  14. I'm really loving the Plomb, looks great with the hardware and somthing different than "basic black"
  15. Gorgeous! I can't get over just how consistently amazing this season's leather is. :drool::drool: