Pics of Pine bags??

  1. :yahoo::pYes you guys, all the talk about Jaune and
    Violet and Magenta LE ; are there any pics of Pine
    available>?? In silver giant or gold?
    I have not seen any.

    I think I will love Pine a lot.
    Green is definately a good color for year round.
    Please post pics, if you have any.
  2. Here is a GGH Pine Compagnon:

  3. :heart::heart:I love the wallet with giant hardware! Anyone happen to know the price of this beauty?
  4. I'm not familiar with compagnon pricing, but the RH ones at Diabro go for $475, so I would expect a GH one to be around $500.
  5. This is the Giant Money Wallet and not of Le Compagnon. I believe the Classic Hardware Money is $475...I think it was quoted at Bal's Trunk show months ago that the Giant Money Wallet is around $575.

    *Edit...okay, I'm not sure as to why names this as the Compagnon but I definitely saw these at the trunk show and they are exactly like the Money Wallet but with Giant Hardware.
  6. [​IMG]


  7. ^Those are the envelope clutches; the wallet from is different - Diabro calls it the compagnon. I actually thought the money wallet and the compagnon were the same thing. :push:

    I'm thoroughly confused.
  8. I know that those are photos of the Envelope Clutch and the Mini Matelasse (I posted them in response to the Original poster's request for photos of pine bags).

    This is LE COMPAGNON...


    This is the MONEY (unless it recently got renamed to Compagnon)...

  9. OH. Okay. The compagnon zips closed, I see now. Diabro calls the moneys 'compagnon' and it calls the compagnons 'compagnon zip.' I guess I was asking for it, assuming Diabro had its information correct.


    Thanks for clearing that up.
  10. Thanks ICB for the pricing info! $575 isn't too bad, I'm so used to there being a huge markup for GH bags, I was afraid it would be closer to $650 or even $700.