Pics of Pets at work

  1. OK we have a thread of them sleeping - how about a thread for pictures of them at work (your job or theirs.)

    Reggie came to work with me yesterday and I snapped this with my cell -
  2. That is cute. I wish I could let me doggies come to work with me, then they would pee pee on the floor and I would laugh hysterically, take a pic, and post it here.
  3. Here are some pics of my dog I took in a conference room at the firm I used to work for. Nobody was there but me and her though when I took them. It was late at night.

    One time I brought her in around 5 pm and didn't know anyone was still there. I put her down and she ran all through a conference room that had attorneys and their clients in it packing up their things. She ran all the way around the table and wouldn't stop. Then she ran down the hall and made a lap around another table in a room that another person was in. Somebody was like "Is that a rat?" I couldn't catch her. It was too funny. I guess she had to just check everything out.
    sophiework1.jpg sophiework2.jpg sophiework3.jpg sophiework4.jpg sophiework5.jpg
  4. your pets are adorable! Wish I could bring Lulu (Lucy) to work!
  5. Reggie is super cute! I am so jealous. Yeah, I do bring my pets to work but only when then need lab work done... Yes, I work at a veterinary hospital (imaging specialty). My dogs are big dogs, so I usually don't take them. They get so stressed anyway. I often tell my husband to take my dog Scarlet to work. She will just hide under his desk all day!!!
  6. reggie is soo cute :yes:
  7. I'm so jealous, I can't take any of my dogs to work. Stupid 'no animals' rule! lol
    Love the pics ya'll, keep 'em coming!
  8. ^Same here. No pets to work! :sad: