Pics of Peanut Ines - is this bag a little irregular?

  1. I just wanted to ask you all if you think the outside pocket and the logo area is a little bit out of shape or irregular. It seems to pucker out in my opinion. I may be only my critical eye - but maybe someone can compare to their Ines for comparison.thanks!
    IMG_1497 [800x600].JPG IMG_1496 [800x600].JPG IMG_1493 [800x600].JPG
  2. girl! how many bags have you purchased in the last month! :drool:
  3. it does look a little "off" but I am super picky about stuff. It's not noticeable unless you point it out. gorgeous on you though! did you just get all of these? where's the sale at?! :p
  4. i think the lock is a little off centered i think. a tiny tiny bit. its absolutely gorgeous on you.
  5. Yeah, I see what you mean....but really, no one but you would ever notice it. Still though, I know how something like that can drive you batty. Honestly I would have never noticed that.

    It looks FAB on you!!!
  6. I only notice it in the up close picture. It's not noticeable when you're carrying it.
  7. up close, i don't think it's off centre but the puckering is more on the left side so it looks off balance. it's still a great bag, but i understand bc that would bother me also. congrats on all these purchases!
  8. I was considering buying an Ines over the holidays, and I looked at about a half-dozen of them IRL. The front pocket puckered out like that on all of them.

    I should add, I still think its a cute bag and not a dealbreaker. I decided not to get it because it was smaller than I wanted--I was expecting it to be larger, like the Blake.
  9. its funny that you posted this, bc i was in Nordies today and i was looking at the indigo indes, and i noticed the same thing with that bag also. something like that, even though it IS small, would make me crazy. such a beautiful bag though :smile:
  10. Wow, gorgeous!
  11. that's my beef with the quilted bags. irregular =(
  12. uh oh! I just bought a peanut ines, sight unseen!!! Now I am nervous!!!:rolleyes:
  13. I am so glad you found one. Where did you end up finding yours? I will go look at mine and let you know how it compares. I don't think I noticed it on mine, but I may not have been looking too closely.
  14. Mine also puckers a little bit, but it doesn't really bother me. I think the leather is too thick for it to lie flat. I debated keeping it, because I just recently bought the Kid. The sale prices justified my reasoning to keep both. The bag looks great on you!!
  15. I was bad mine came from eBay! Had no luck any where else!