pics of passage a Tokyo, from

  1. I was digging on the H website again... thought these were very nice.

  2. Oooooooooooo me likey! The blue/green one on the site is yummy too! Thanks for posting.
  3. Love the Tokyo scarf in any colour! This would just be perfect for a black outfit:nuts:
  4. Those are just yummy!!
  5. Ahhh!!! These scarves are so pretty !!!! I'd love one in the green colorway !
  6. I don't see that scarf at I love it! Do you have a link? Many thanks!
  7. I SOOO WANT THIS SCARF but I gave up frivolous shopping and indulgence for Lent!!! UGH!! This will have to wait until after Easter!!! Bad influence you ladies are!!!
  8. Yummmy - num! Thanks so much for the pics tods!
  9. Um they can not be found on the website through normal browsing, because they don't have them for sale at the moment. I used my tricks again.

    I just though you might want to know how the other colorways look like.
  10. I gave up going to the gym, swimming, yoga and week I'll be giving up biking...........:p
  11. Are these avaliable in the pochettes? They're so pretty!
  12. I read bikinis..... ahem
  13. Well since she gave up going to the gym, jogging, swimming, and yoga, she might have to give up BIKINIS!!!!! But hey she has a 2 die for figure anyways, I doubt it would hurt her!!!:graucho: :graucho:
  14. LOL!!!!! You guys crack me up!!!!