Pics of paddy w/ white hardware from NAP

  1. I ordered the "metallic mousse" paddy from the NAP sale. (I had a pretty big credit so it became too good of a deal to pass up :yahoo:) The color isn't metallic at all... and the tag says roche (which I thought was metallic?) and not mousse. Weird, eh? I do like the color very much though. It's the same color leather that's on the trim of my plummy brown patent dome paddy.

    I don't expect this to be a super popular choice (so no worries if you don't like it; my feelings won't be hurt!) but I know a lot of people were curious about this style.

    I'm actually not sure if I love the white hardware or not... but I do think it's cool and interesting looking, and I love unique paddingtons. So I *think* this one will be a keeper.

    The lock isn't painted white so it shouldn't chip. And the bag is quite lightweight compared to older paddies with the brass locks.

    white hardware paddy 004.JPG white hardware paddy 003.JPG white hardware paddy 005.JPG
  2. Oh wow...not the colour I expected at all...but ver interesting!
    I find the white lock too striking against the roche colour!!! Maybe it looks better IRL.
  3. I like the contast; I do think it looks better irl.

    The thing I am actually on the fence about is the quality of the leather. It's not thick and smooshy like the older paddy leather... it's very smooth. Any idea if '07 paddy leather softens with use?
  4. NO Clue...not a big paddy person! But I think any leather softens with use!
  5. Well, I got an 07 nuage paddy and the leather was very smooshy and quite pebbly from the beginning, not that different from my 06 paddies. I like this leather the best out of my three paddies, it is maybe slightly thinner- not dramatically so.

    I recently saw a navy 07 paddy (it may have been an 06, but was a new bag on display in a local department store last month that hadn't been displayed prior to this, so it is very unlikely it is from last year). Anyway, the leather looked significantly different from usual paddy leather- thinner, not pebbly at all, rather smooth, and I though it looked amazing- the colour and leather together looked gorgeous.

    I love the colour of your new paddy, it looks to have real depth. The leather looks similar to that of the navy paddy I saw. The lock- not so much my cup of tea (sorry).

    Have you decided whether to keep it yet?
  6. I guess the lock is white solid plastic or something like that? Interesting and quirky - which are things I like. I would have to see this bag IRL but I believe you that it looks good!
  7. Yes, that sounds like the leather on this bag. It's my first regular leather '07 paddy; I guess I'm just used to the older smoooooshy leather. But come to think of it, that sort of leather probaly wouldn't look very good with the white hardware.

    I'm still debating, though leaning toward keeping it. ;)I would never pay full price for it, but since I got it for such a good deal, I keep thinking it's worth what I paid for it.. so maybe I will keep it....:confused1:

    Thanks so much for the feedback!
  8. Thanks so much for posting the picture! I'm not sure about the white, I'd have to see it IRL but I love the leather color. I'm wondering why they called it metallic though. I don't see any sheen to it.