Pics of outlet haul today as promised!!!

  1. So today I went to the outlet and it was pretty crazy. I was running all over the store and grabbing stuff. lol. The SA's liked my Coach sneakers. And one SA came up to me and said "You know we're building a Juicy Couture outlet as well as Burberry, Gucci and Prada?" I was like :nuts:. Especially over the Juicy part. lol. All I had heard about before was the Burberry! Anyways, back on topic- They're DOUBLING the size of the Coach outlet! AHH! :yahoo:The SA's were so nice and the prices were great!
    Pics attached (hopefully it works)

    The 1st pic wasn't from the outlet, the toucan was from about a week ago, and the watermelon was from about a month or so ago. (The had the watermelon charm @ outlet, though)

    The 2nd pic is all of my goodies- Small Sig. Cotton Jade Carly, watercolor demi satchel (sorry kinda bad angle on that 1), monkey keyfob, owl keyfob, Crimson Stripe iPod Video case, LAST YEARS :nuts: scribble agenda (Saw it last July, wanted it, didn't get it, regretted it, now it's MINE!), & watercolor PT scarf! :yahoo:

    The 3rd pic is my mom's large Turqoise Ergo with matching ergo keyfob!

    The 4th pic is my mom's Crimson Stripe iPod Video case.

    The 5th Pic is my dad's leather portfolio.
    0629071359.jpg 0630072203.jpg 0630072204.jpg 0630072205.jpg 0630072205a.jpg
  2. Very nice! Congrats on your new goodies!:smile:
  3. Thanks cginny! :greengrin:
  4. Wow...NICE haul!!
  5. Very nice...can't wait to hit the outlet on Monday!!
  6. Nice selection of goodies! We did a little more damage at our outlet today as well...:graucho:
  7. Thanks twosirius, Coach Bag, and TxPurseLover. :smile:
    P.S. Coach Bag- Have fun! I'm sure you'll find some GREAT deals! :tup:
    TxPurseLover- You were at the outlet again? lol. Wow they must know you by name there!
  8. wow! nice haul! i'm lovin on that scribble agenda!!!!!
  9. Great haul, girlie girl!:tup:

    The watermelon charm at the outlet? WOW!:wtf:I have one that I ordered months ago, but things keep on coming to the outlets!
  10. Ohhh nice goodies!!! Enjoy!
  11. Actually they do, which is pretty nice because they know us pretty well now and they always call to let me know when good stuff comes in...;)
  12. Thanks rethreads, handbglvr, & QueenOfDa702! :flowers:
    Handbglvr- I couldn't believe it either!
    TxPurseLover- I can't wait until the Carlys come in! Everyone here is going to be rushing there to get more Carlys. lol.
  13. TERRIFIC haul...great selection!!!!:tup:
  14. Oh did you go to the outlets in Williamsburg? We are going there tom on our way to the beach. Did they have any of the cotton stuff in brown???? I want that owl too. Ugh I cant wait to get there.
  15. Great stuff! the scarf!