Pics of our Botkier Sale Bags

  1. I thought I would start a thread so we could see all of the Botkier sale purses. A lot of us were unsure of the size and other things so we can check them out here.

    Mine finally arrived today and it is gorgeous! It is the Bryant Large Hobo in Black. :yahoo:It had tissue around everything! Actually I received 2 of the same but thats another story. I ended up taking off the elephant ring because I have attached my LV amarante heart. The elephant ring I will probably use as a keychain. I was hoping the inside would be suede but it is fabric. Its such a nice bag that I do not care anyway. Perfect size for me.

  2. Does anyone have a picture of the bryant small shoulder bag or the Roxy Large Satchel? Those are the ones I've purchased. This was my first Botkier buy. I can't wait.
  3. Oooh - would love to see some more pics! I didn't get anything because I couldn't make a decision. Would also love to see IRL pics of the Roxy Large Satchel, I can't find any online!
  4. gorgeous gorgeous!!!

    i love it!!!
  5. I don't love my new sale Botkier at all!
    It's really pretty and the color is amazing, but the style is a little stiff for me and the bag is just a bit too small. I am so sad!!!
    I wish it was a little bigger and ALOT more slouchy.
    It is the BOTKIER Sasha Hobo in Bordeaux:
  6. Was that the small size? It is a beautiful color. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. I'm sure if you put it on eBay some TPFer will snatch it up in a heartbeat.
  7. oh i love that bryant hobo! is it really big? im glad i switched from the bryant shoulder...i cant wait to get it, i ordered the 13th, i hope it gets here soon!
    i still have not gotten that UPS conf email, and they havent replied to my emails asking if theyve sent it yet >:|
  8. italianfashion Gorgeous! Mine will be here tomorrow!

    cooper1 Sorry this one didn't work out but I bet if you put it on eBay, you'll get your money back!
  9. [​IMG]
  10. I haven't gotten a shipping notice yet- Ordered Thurs or Fri- is that common?
  11. I've got a bag and never seen a shipping notice :jammin:
  12. ^^

    I love your bag!! Is that the Sasha hobo? Lovely color!
  13. Ryna, love your bag! What colour is it?
  14. it's Sasha Hobo in Bordeaux :yes:
  15. It is big but not overly big. It fits my items from my Gucci Britt Large Tote. I love it! I am glad I picked this one. :drool: I never received a shipping email either so I was suprised when ups delivered today. I had to sign for it .