Pics of Oak Phoebe from LVR

  1. Here's pics of the oak phoebe I got on sale @ LVR. Looks great. Love this bag. The leather seems stiffer than the roxanne, but equally as beautiful. It fits comfy on my shoulder; love that!
    DSC00059.JPG DSC00060.JPG DSC00061.JPG
  2. That's nice! I think it looks better in your pictures than others I've seen.
  3. wow it does look beautiful, the color and the leather looks sumptious! how much was it on sale for?
  4. LOVE IT!!!!!!

    about $300 USD
  5. Mega bargain. Thanks you guys. The color is really nice. very neutral.

    Of course I take the worst pics. Fayden, you need to write a "taking good pictures" spot on the forum. I could use some pointers.
  6. Oohhh thats such a nice color, I love it .. congrats on such a steal..
  7. Wow, Greenie, it is fabulous in oak! Congrats! FYI - I saw a pink colored Phoebe in Barney's at Americana Manhasset yesterday and the price tag was $1,195. We really did get a great deal!
  8. I love the Oak color IRL. I didn't think I would but I do. Congrats on getting such a great deal too!
  9. Thanks you guys!

    Kat, we did get a good deal. It pays to watch the LVR sales pages.
  10. I really like the Phoebe in oak, fabulous price - :biggrin:
  11. Man, I love that color!
  12. Beautiful bag at an amazing price!! I wish I could have snagged one as well.
  13. Love the Phoebe. The oak is a lovely classic colour:smile: Congrats on the new bag and great deal!
  14. I love it! Congrats!
  15. It's beautiful....congrats, and thanks for sharing!