Pics of NM exclusive CHANEL shoes!

  1. I was good and didn't buy another bag, but I couldn't pass these up:nuts: I didn't really care for them in the look book, but boy when I put them on it was history:yahoo:


  2. Oh my, they look stunning on you! Congrats! :yahoo:
  3. Sexy shoes! :drool:

    Love patent leather pump!!!

  4. They are really nice looking, and quite different too. Very stylish! :tup:

    Can I ask how much they cost?
  5. very sexy, congrats
  6. shoes!!!!!
  7. Those look hot on you! Are they comfy?
  8. those look so amazing on you!!!
  9. Love them! Nice to see them modeled!
  10. Wow, very sexy shoes! Looks fab on you, congrats!
  11. wow, those are hot and veryy MOD. congrats~
  12. Sexy Sexy!!! Great purchase!
  13. oh wow! Those are fantastic!
    If you haven't already, it's be GREAT to have those in the Reference Library!:yes:
  14. oh man, looking hot! those are some sexy shoes, perfect for a beautiful lady like yourself!

    good find!
  15. They were made for you!!! :yes: