Pics of Nicole with a LiL More Meat!

  1. It does look like she gained a little bit of weight and she looks great!:yahoo:
    And i do loveee her Chloe bag.
    In addition she did address the rumors about the gastric bypass and she basically said that instead of people supporting her on gaining weight people can't stop putting her down and coming up with these fabrications. She says this on her myspace account and she says that what Page Six reported was completely untrue and she says in order to get gastric bypass you need to be 100+ overweight and then no ethical doctor would do it. I go my info from
  2. She looks great. Her face look different?!?!
  3. she looks good there :smile: Nice to see her looking healthy.
  4. about time. do i see some cleavage!!!!
  5. yeah, i think her cleavage is coming back, they disappered for awhile. she looks great.:P
  6. Definitely more weight. She looks absolutely adorable. Yeah Nicole.:wlae:
  7. Yes, her face looks different, look closely at the lips, looks like she has fallen victim to the Restalyne trout lip epidemic...
  8. i think she is looking great with more on her bones!
  9. There's a slight difference in her face but not much !
  10. Kind of looking like Paris in the face.
    Regardless, she is looking beautiful. I love her brunette.
  11. She looks great, and I really love her dark hair! Her face does look little different doesn't it?:confused1:
  12. she looks so pretty, her hair color looks great!!:yahoo:
  13. better than nothin though :yes:
  14. Nicole has a myspace account?:wtf: Can you please send the link here...I love Nicole and I think she is beautiful.
  15. I have no clue what her myspace name is I just got the info from maybe someone else knows.