*PICS* of new VIOLET money wallet & comparison pics w/eggplant

  1. First impression, Welch's Grape Jelly but still very similar to Eggplant yet not the same. 2005 leather wasn't veiny so of course the Violet is going to look different and it's sort of hard to compare because the veins in the new affects the color overall. Which do I prefer? Eggplant BUT if I didn't have Eggplant, I would be content with Violet and it's actually much prettier than I expected. It's no shrinking Violet, it's very vivid.

    Here are pics with my Eggplant City:





  2. [​IMG]

  3. Love it!!!
  4. :nuts: Thanks for the pics!!! I love your eggplant city :heart:
  5. Both gorgeous but you are right that the Eggplant is more stunning. Thanks for offering us the chance to compare.
  6. Congrats! Love both of them!
  7. i love this wallet...............i just missed out on one in violet!

    love the pics!

  8. Thanks for the comparison!
  9. oh so the violet IS brighter! yay for me! congrats on the wallet!
  10. congrats on the wallet... isn't she a pretty color!! just took mine out today and i'm glad i kept her. btw, your eggplant looks mint :heart:
  11. Love the violet money wallet. I would really love to have this same combo, but I'm trying to be a good girl for a while and not spend any more money. Enjoy!
  12. Thanks for the comparison pics!

    I'm with you! I'm more of an Eggplant kind of girl!
  13. wow so pretty! i want one of these... congrats!
  14. Great news that the Violet is brighter than the Eggplant!

    Congrats on your wallet, it's gorgeous!!:girlsigh:
  15. That's one yummy money!

    Congrats Powder:tup: