Pics of new tokidoki store in Milan!

  1. OMG, there are the most awesome pics of the new Milan retail store posted on the tokidoki blog's like a little slice of heaven on earth...:drool:


  2. waaaaaaa! mozzarella! so cute!
  3. I love the cute wave that mozarella is standing on! I would go nuts in that store! LOl!
  4. i know they use that mozzarella's cuteness to lure people in xD
  5. That store looks so cute!! They need to open one up in NYC!
  6. AHHHH so cuuuute!! I love the picture of Sandy, monkey, Adios, CiaoCiao, and Mozz eating sushi!! :nuts: THey seriously NEED a store like that HERE!!
  7. ahhh, I like the girl with the black upside down moon hair.
  8. So awesome!

    Is it bad when you're willing to travel to another country JUST for a retail store? Not the culture, not the music, not the food - a store?

    Yeah, but I'm okay with it.
  9. soooo cute!! i love that border with sandy, the monkey, adios, ciao ciao, and mozzarella!
  10. It is SO CUTE. omggg I need to get there :sad: *plans trip to Italy*
  11. Me too! I thought, "look at the cool little punk girl!". If Simone really loves LA he needs to open one of his stores here :p
  12. wow:nuts: looks like an awesome store..i wish they would have one here..and dat lil punk girl is cute!
  13. i want one in LA :lol: it'll be closer and he already lives here!
  14. i would pay any price to get that mozzarella!! i will have it stand right in my living room. haha
  15. man i'd be just sitting in that store all day just staring...