PICS of New SPRING '07 at BNY

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  1. Ok, I just got these 3 pictures. She said she is sending pics as they open the boxes and there are lots more to come. I hate the big hardware on the black. :yucky:

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  2. thanks! love the brief, but that big hardware has got to go!
  3. THANKSSSSSSSS powder!! the leather looks nice... dunno about the metal studs though...
  4. wowee, leather is looking much better
  5. Me no likey the hardware.

    Hope the new colors will come in the classic bags and not just in these.
  6. yea...
    loving the preview of the new bags, but not a big fan of that big hardware!
    thanks, keep them coming!
  7. Hmm, not sure about the big hardware..
  8. Thanks for posting powderpuff!

    I'm not liking the hardware in the three colours posted... there was a picture of a white brief with gold hardware which looked ok.. but after seeing these, I'm not a fan of the giant hardware.

    Can't wait to see more pictures as they open up the boxes!
  9. If I didn't know better, I'd have assumed those were fake b/c of the buckles...they look like the ones on Ebay. :shrugs:
  10. Thanks for the pics!

    I agree .. the leather looks great but I don't like the hardware.

    Does anyone know if the first photo is marine or black?
  11. One of those is marine. One black, one natural. Hold on, getting a pic of the new red and the SEAFOAMISH one.
    Iam watching my email as soon as I resize them I will post them. Poor Daphne I am sure my Mom is begging for pics. She promised she would and I guess she did.
  12. Leather looks fabulous, and I actually do like the big hardware, but I wonder if it noticably adds to the weight of these bags:confused1:
  13. I LOVE the gold hardware on the natural color - and the natural color is really pretty!!

    Are you going to get a pic of the Grass Green (Vert Gazon)?
  14. UGH! The hardware in the gold is horrible! They should have put silver hardware on the black and other cooler tone colors. The big gold hardware make the bag look a little gaudy. dammit. I was hoping it would be better.

    BUT I LOVE THAT MARINE BLUE! WOOHOO! Thats the color I want!

    Nanaz where are you! Check out the Marine Blue!
  15. i really dont like the giant hardware, not at all! To me it makes the bags too trendy, and what i like about them is that they arent trendy or overly deigned. I am really liking the brief style though....

    cant wait to see the seagreen. hope it is as great in real life as it is in my head!!!!!!!