Pics of new S/S 08 bags on Balenciaga website

  1. Woohoo, thanks for the heads up!
  2. OMG, I love the red and the turquoise! Can't wait for them to come in.
  3. lol I want the braided roach clip thing under 'small accessories'
  4. Yay!! Thanks, Nanaz!! I've been waiting for the spring bags to show up on their website!! I love the red, too!! I wonder how it will compare to tomato IRL? In other words, will it also match the beautiful red bottom of a CL :graucho:?
  5. Fun! Thanks! :tup::heart:
  6. a giant weekender! I haven't seen one of those! Thanks for the link :love:
  7. Holy (*&#($*!!!! I need that RED ONE!!!! Accckkkk!!!!!!
  8. Is that the Sky Blue? It doesn't look very Turq to me :confused1:
  9. Nanaz what bag is in your avatar?
  10. Thanks, Nanaz!
  11. i gasped outloud when i saw the red!
  12. Marigold (Juane) Day w/RH from F/W 07.
  13. :heart: the red and the turquoise!
  14. is marigold still available in the day