pics of new red Valentino bag

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  1. I saw these pics of a new Valentino bag in the January issues of Bazaar and Vogue. I like it. What does everyone else think?

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  2. LOVE the handles, but can't say much about the shape and style... kinda reminded me of luella bartley which i don't like :P
  3. I love the braided handles. I love the color. Why don't I love this bag, though? Too busy?????:confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  4. YES! i think too busy is the right phrase... :P
  5. the handles are cute
  6. That is not a favorite Valentino bag of mine. I just saw a gorgeous yellow Valentino bag in Saks in NYC last weekend. I was sooooooooooo tempted to get it, but I have to cool it for awhile. I've spent a lot of money of handbags this year.
  7. Funny how we have similar reactions to some bags. I love the handles and the color, but too busy is my thought, also--tabs, top stitching, etc.--too much going on. It would be much nicer if they'd remove some of the extras stuff.
  8. There doesn't seem to be many Valentino lovers on this board. Me I'm slowly growing addicted to them. I bought my first one three weeks ago from BG, a leopard print with buffalo leather trim and a adorable tied bow on the side. Gosh this baby is sweet, so sophisticated and lady like yet it has some toughness. I'm hooked!

    So I bought another one two weeks later again from BG. What I love about Valentino is the unusual, earthy, colors they use in their leather. The bags are light, large and have presence.

    I'll bet you this red bag is drop dead IRL.:idea:
  9. ^^^^We just didn't care for some of the details of the bag--doesn't mean we don't like Valentino. I love the color and the braiding--so did most of the other posters. Like you said, it could be completely awesome seeing it IRL. (I never cared for the Fendi spy bags in pictures, but I saw one at a party and it really struck me as a stylish bag--I couldn't take my eyes off it. The owner prob. thought I was weird or something!)
  10. It's so true about seeing the bag IRL. I took a hunch with my second Valentino and ordered it on line from BG. I couldn't believe how much better it was in my hands vs the pic.

    Just like your spybag experience.
  11. I love it. It's gorgeous!
  12. I like it.