pics of new LV comming out ...

  1. sorry for the quality...but i took the pics with my cell ...taking them with my digital cam is a hassel for me to upload to my comp...ANYWAY...
    the LV ad was in decembers issue of ELLE magazine...
    just a sneak peek for u girls that can't wait to see new ... i want them!!:sweatdrop:
    152970355845_290_1.jpg 152970378629_290_1.jpg
  2. It's the cruise collection, which is already in some stores, but they won't start selling until Nov. 16. I saw them IRL and loved them. A lot of people think they are too busy! I'm patiently waiting for their release! I haven't seen any magazine photos yet though. Thanks! :yes:
  3. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Thanks for posting!!!
  5. Thanks for posting!
  6. Thanks for showing us.
  7. thanks for sharing!
  8. Oooo... should I start saving now?
  9. Thank you for sharing the pics!!! I have my name on the list (my SA said I was the first one, so I'm hoping that I do get it when it comes out!!). Everytime I see a picture of it, I get excited all over again that I'll be getting the Cabas Ray MM (I think that's the name). Can't wait!
  10. I really like the new line.. too high for my budget though.

    Thanks for sharing! :biggrin:
  11. i love it:love:
  12. Yeah they're in some boutique already but i havent seen on yet..

    Thanks for sharing :smile:
  13. btw.. is this line considered limited?
  14. Neat! I like them!
  15. Thanks for posting those! :smile:
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