Pics of New LV Belt!

  1. I Have to post a thread for my new LV belt on it's own. I love it and have not stopped wearing it. It is Cowhide (thanks Ayla!:lol: ) I recommend this LV belt - it is a flattering one compared to the other buckles I tried on.:smile: Even though I wanted one that was less obvious that it was LV, - this one just looked the best! Hope you like!
    50.jpg 51.jpg
  2. lovely :smile:
  3. I love your whole outfit, the belt, the bag, that shirt - you look fab ! :yes:
  4. Very nice, you wear it well.
  5. :nuts: Wow star it's gorgeous:love: that a Hermes:wtf: :drool: ??????
  6. I saw that belt today!!!

    It looks awesome. Congrats. :smile:
  7. your belt is soo nice! your whole outfit is lovely lovely lovely! i :heart: that bag too!
  8. Congrats!! You look great as usual!
  9. OMG! :nuts: star... your soooo stunning and i love your gold kelly with gold hdwe yummmm!:yahoo: loves it!! congrats.. im sooo envious right now...:shame: :jammin: :love:
  10. I LOVE the belt and the purse is TO DIE FOR!!! :love: You look AWESOME!!
  11. Thank-you for the outfit compliments!:nuts: This belt goes with everything!

    John 5, I love your avatar!
  12. Thanks I love your bag!!! :graucho:
  13. Star, love the belt, love the Kelly:love: . You wear them well:smile:
  14. The belt looks great with the bag!! Good choice:smile:
  15. you always look so awesome....but your new belt and bag:drool: :heart: .......WOW! you look stunning!! :love: :flowers:
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