Pics Of New Hermes Goodies

  1. The Dogon Checkbook Wallet ~Togo~Bleu Jean
    2007 Year Of The Dance Cadena
    Brazilian Headdress Pocket Square
    HermesDogonWallet.jpg HermesDogonWallet2.jpg HermesDogonWallet3.jpg YearoftheDanceHCadena.jpg BrazxilianHeadDressScarf.jpg
  2. nice!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful blue colors.....i love them!:tup:
  3. Oh my, gorgeous. Lushious colors. But I thought you wanted something in cyclamen? [Just joking. Yes, I'm the one with the cyclamen birkin.]
  4. CONGRATULATIONS on your lovely new pieces. I love that pocket square. Just beautiful. Enjoy them all!
  5. Love the BJ Dogon wallet, Penny! It's a great companion for your Ebene JPG!
    I've been using my Orange Togo Dogon for almost two years now... I love it and find it really useful! :tup::heart:
  6. Congratulations on fabulous H goodies!! Enjoy in good health!
  7. That scarf is absolutely breath taking!
  8. HC,MrsMorris,WhiteBirkin,KallieGirl~~
    Thank you - you all rock!:tender:
  9. Thank you Baggs! I love the orange & turquoise!!:tup:
  10. WOW! I love everything! Congratulations!!!!!!
  11. HB, YES!!!!! Cyclamen!!!!:drool:
    I have my SA in alert for something in that color - LOL
  12. Thanks Jag!:kiss:
  13. Beautiful new goodies, love all of them, congratulations !!!!!
  14. Penny dear, you are on a roll lately! These are all great purchases. All lovely with your JPG :tup:
  15. Penny, lovely things. Congrats!! :smile: I especially love the cadena. :smile: