Pics of new Groom cleses WITH KEYS

  1. With so many of us owning a cles and those of us who just got our new Groom Cleses, I thought it'd be fun to post pics of our cleses in use...with our keys attached to see what everyone's look like! :yes:

    I'll go first...I just got my Groom cles and think it still looks kind of "bare" because I only attached a couple of keys to it. I didn't want to put too many keys on it because it looks kind of messy & massive! What do your cleses look like???
    Keys on Cles.jpg
  2. My fear about attaching keys to it is the weight of the keys dangling after a time Im worried that the chain will come loose from the leather. Has this happened to anyone. I so want to put my keys on it- but a little apprehensive
    only two keys and remote/alarm thing.
  3. Beee-U-Teee-Ful!! Thanks for sharing! It's looks HOT with the keys "in use"!
  4. Cute!!
  5. very cute..
  6. Cute! I'm still waiting for mine to be shipped to me. Hopefully, I'll get it tomorrow.
  7. cute :smile:

    I have my keys attached to mine and things are ok I only have 2 keys and my auto start on there though.
  8. Do most of you ladies and gentlemen put your keys on the hook? I use it to hook the pochette to my belt loop and slip it in my front pocket.
  9. I've never had that problem! My mom even has her very first mono cles from about 13 years ago and the stitching is still just as tight as the day she got it!

    As for my own Groom cles..I'm not putting keys on's going to be a holder for my extra cards (Starbucks cards, gift cards, etc.)
  10. what is the retail on the groom cles?
  11. It's $200 :yes:
  12. I've been using cles like this for years and never had a problem, my zipper pull broke a couple times on my first mono canvas cles but I would bring it to an LV store each time and they would fix it right there for me:yes:
  13. Very cute indeed!
  14. Ohh, that's JUST how mine will look when I get my cles with all my other stuff, I have the the exact same key for my car, the ML500, which do u drive? haha curious george (lmao) is what I should renamed. :yes:
  15. I'll use them two at a time, one in my bag off my D ring, and one for my keys. I kinda have to keep a lot of keys on me, I have two cars of my own, my husband's car key, keys for my house and my best friend's house, and a key to my office and my girlfriends boutique. I keep most on separate rings and then put the rings on the clasp/clip (whatever you call it) part of the also works well when I start my car and forget something in the house, I can pull my house key off easily....