Pics of new goodies =) No more bags till X-mas. Promise

  1. I know everyone has seen pics of the bordeaux GST already but I wanted to share mine with you =) I love it! Loves likes brownish red and is very subtle. Now I have to figure out which shoes to go with it. Also included a pic of the new necklace I got. Isn't it tres chic?? :smile:
    CIMG3288.JPG CIMG3290.JPG CIMG3276.JPG
  2. congrats on your new purchases!! the bordeaux looks so yummy!
  3. OOH! SO PRETTY! congrats!
  4. Congratz, good buys!!! Love the necklace, how $$$$???
  5. I have that necklace too and love it. Congrats on your new stuffs!
  6. all your new goodies!!!!!!! Especially the bordeaux GST:drool::heart::heart:
  7. Congrats! The necklace is so pretty ...
  8. They're lovely..Congrats! :smile:
  9. That is gorgeous. Congrats.
  10. Gorgeous...such a pretty colour!!
  11. love the necklace and GST congrats!
  12. So pretty a colour!!!
  13. Love the bordeaux! beautiful color. The necklace looks great on you also! congrats on your purchases!
  14. LOVE the GST!!! What color is the hardware on the bordeaux bag by the way? silver or gold? Congrats!!!
  15. The bordeaux is gorgeous and your necklace is tres, tres chic! Congrats and enjoy!