Pics of new earrings...

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  1. I got these last week .. LOVES them..even w/ my hair they are still noticeable..I still haven't posted pics of my black classic flap but we're all OK with that aren't we?!?!?!!

    Please excuse some of the blurry pics..just wanted you all to see how the size is deceving and they are still very noticeable....

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  2. gorgeous...they look great on you!
  3. beautiful. I just bought the second set too.
  4. They're gorgeous! Congratulations!
  5. The earrings look great on you! They are a great size - not too big to be too flashy, and not to small to be unnoticeable.
  6. EMMY, the earrings are beautiful.
    You are gorgeous eyes as well!!
  7. Very cute! Congrats!
  8. Pretty!! :smile:
  9. Both pairs are very pretty!!! I love 'em.:heart: They look great on you too!!!
  10. Love them Emmy! They look fab on you!
  11. Gorgeous! They look amazing on you!
  12. looks great on you!
  13. EMMY they look gorgeous on you! Sooo pretty, congrats!
  14. Very pretty.
  15. I love them!