Pics of New Cruise 2008 Pink Color Flap !!!!!!

  1. I saw this really cute Dirty Pink Flap at the Chanel Shop in Hong Kong. It's from the New Cruise 2008. It also comes in grey color. The price is HK$22,000. :yahoo:
  2. Love the color!

    what's the size?
  3. just wondering, is chanel more expansive in Hong Kong than US?
  4. Almost looks like a distressed leather, like a dusty pink shade. Thanks for posting!
  5. oh my oh my what a lovely shade of pink with a pricey tag to match! if only i wake up to find a pot of gold at the end of my bed (rainbow)... lol!
  6. Wow, it's TDF! Pink is my fave color at the moment.:love:
  7. To die for... might have to have this... yikes!!
  8. pretty in pink! is that a new chain?
  9. This pink is really TDF, not that pinky pink. The price looks much higher than the US though
  10. Ooh that looks so pretty! I LOVE! :heart:
  11. love this pink!! very pretty
  12. Congrats! Do you happen to have the Style #? TIA!
  13. $2750 really isn't that much more compared to US prices these days
  14. I didn't buy the bag. The size of the bag is similar to the medium classic flap so this is a bit too small for daily use and the price is a bit on the high end. If it comes in jumbo size, I might seriously consider owning one.

    DD101, the bag is in lampskin leather.

    Newbie, yes, the bag is in the new chain.
  15. thanks shopgirl for the pic...very pretty color!