Pics of new brown reissue, bordeaux medallion tote from SA

  1. Hey ladies!

    Hope these pics have not been posted but my SA sent me pics of new bags he got...thought some of you may like to take a look!

    Here they are:

    If you want my SA details, please let me know..;)



  2. Thanks for posting. The dark bordeaux looks more brown than bordeaux, very pretty.
  3. Ohh, the Bordeaux looks really pretty... more of a chocolate brown than a red, which I like. :smile: The brown flap looks more milk chocolatey, but I would prefer it in a richer, darker brown. :smile: Thanks for sharing these pics!
  4. Really liking that bordeaux medallion. Def not something I'd wear every day though.
  5. you're very welcome, lovely ladies!
  6. thanks for posting! colors are different than I thought they would look like but still very pretty!
  7. DJO sent me these too but I didnt post them as he HASNT watermarked them yet...eek
    U may want to ask him before posting more photos..KWIM?
  8. I received the pics and thought the same thing, so I just keep looking at them and drooling.

  9. Thank you for posting these pics! I was really curious about what the dark bordeaux color was going to look like. It's a pretty shade.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  10. This one is so pretty!!!
  11. Is the last one a GST?

    Whatever it is, it's HOT. I love that white.
  12. oops! didn't think about that..but will tell him tomorrow definitely..
  13. They all look really nice :smile:
  14. im loving this :heart: this sooo pretty!

  15. Thanks for sharing the pics! Not feeling the colors though.. (I'm not much of a brownish person..) but I do love the GST! LOL!.. If only I can tolerate the weight of heavy handbags...