Pics of new black stam!

  1. Here are some pics of my new black stam. Apologies for the quality of the pics, I dont think you can really make out the name plate inside the bag! I absolutely love this bag. I keep sashaying around the house with it! :heart: :love:
    stam 1.jpg stam 2.jpg stam 3.jpg
  2. Congratulations! It's such a beautiful bag!
  3. gorgeous, where did you buy it ? :smile:
  4. YAY, you got your stam! I hope you enjoy her thoroughly!
  5. Congratulations! :yahoo:

    I have a Black Stam too (Resort 06) and I love it to bits! :love: Enjoy it!:yahoo:
  6. I bought it in Selfridges for £795.00. xx
  7. Congrats!! It's a beauty!:love:
  8. LOVELY!! Congrats & enjoy...Sashay away!!! Happy for you!!:p
  9. Congrats! Enjoy her!
  10. Congratulations.
  11. Lovely!
    I have the patchwork quilted stam in ivory- but an debating on the size, which is about the same as your stam. Tell me what you love about the size of the bag!
  12. Glad you love your new bag!!! looks great
  13. I love doing that with new bags too...LOL... ;)

    Congrats on your new stam!!! :yahoo: LOVE this bag! :love:
  14. Congrats, it's gonna be a very versatile bag for you!!! It looks lovely!! Hooray!
  15. Congrats!!!