Pics of new bags my DH bought me today!

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  1. Just when I thought I put on the brakes as far as bag buying my DH surprised me with these beauties!

    Balenciaga Hook bag in ink. I want your honest opinion, guys. Does this bag look like luggage? What are your thoughts? Is it worth $1,500? I'm not sure about it.
  2. [​IMG]


    This bag is by Etro. I LOVE it!
  3. I Love The Balenciaga!!!!!
  4. [​IMG]

    This bag is by Harley-Davidson. I don't like to take my good bags out on my motorcycle because it gets hot in the saddle bags. I'm going to ride my motorcycle tomorrow. Can't wait to break this baby in!
  5. I love the Balenciaga! The hardware looks cool. Your DH is so sweet, he sounds like a great guy :love: Can I give him my wishlist? :P
  6. I like them both! Especially the Etro. What a nice huuby>:love:
  7. Fabulous hubby -

    No the b-bag does not look like luggage.

    I love the HD - but, I am a fan of moto-wear. They do use the best thick leather for their bags and shoes.
  8. Wow! He got you the Etro! You're one lucky lady. Enjoy!
  9. all of them are nice! what a great DH!
  10. that was so sweet of ur DH
  11. Whoa woman!!! Like your new stash esp the Balenciaga in that colour. Congrats! And no, the B hook does not look luggagy at all! Enjoy! What a sweet, thoughtful hubby:smile:)
  12. What a wonderful husband! I loooove the Etro!
  13. Awesome hubby! Beautiful bags! Loving the Balenciga and no - it doesn't look like luggage. It's beautiful and worth every penny! I love the way you always take photos! Have fun on your bike with you new bag!
  14. Your hubby's really sweet. That balenciaga is beautiful.
  15. I love Love LOVE the Etro.... I have been looking at that one for some time now.... Very jealous!:smile: