PICS of new ANTHRACITE Flat Messenger bag

  1. When this style came out last year I was thrilled, then nobody seemed to really like it so I passed on it. When I saw it in anthracite, I thought I would like it so I got it. I REALLY love this style. I use the shoulder straps most of the time, so I won't really miss not having handles. I love the longer strap, the bag is flat when empty but not at all flat when full and it's very roomy. I like it so much I already have a white one on the way.:p The leather is great, a lot more distressed than I usually get, but on this bag and this color I love it. It is so hard to capture the color of anthracite but after about 50 pictures, these are very close.
  2. Hmm, for some reason the pics aren't showing up for me! Just the red X's. But good to know that it's roomier than it looks- I think it's a great style and love that it can be worn cross body, but always wondered if it was too flat.
  3. congrats! isn't it such a wonderful hand-free bag! And so :drool: in anthracite!
  4. For some reason I always thought it was smaller...It looks great on you Powder! I really like the longer strap.
  5. Your anthra leather is TDF! :drool:
  6. Looks great! :tup: Do you usually wear it cross-body or on your shoulder? The strap looks pretty long, which is great!
  7. Thank you. I got a Prada Gauffre and it has an even longer strap and I like it. I thought it was smaller too and that there wasn't much room for expansion. That's not the case at all. My City was pretty full and I got everything in it with plenty of room to spare. Then it doesn't look flat at all, it just looks nice. I really love this style! It' super comfortable too. Can't wait to get the white:woohoo:
  8. You can make the strap longer. I have it on the shortest you can make it. I suppose you could even make it shorter with a couple more holes in the strap. I doubt I will wear it cross body but you absolutely can. I like it just like I'm wearing it in the picture. I'm 5'7".
  9. The Anthracite looks BEAUTIFUL! :tup: I definitely like the style more than I thought. It looks really good on you. Thanks for the pics!
  10. Hey, it's been awhile since you posted new bag pics. I have missed your bag posts. :blush: Anthra is the most wonderful color EVER. I remember when you had received some bags from BalNY and decided against the anthra since it was "muddy." It is muddy, but it has grown on me so that now it's my favorite Bal color. Enjoy your wonderful new messenger bags. They seem like a great style.
  11. That bag is GOREGOUS!
  12. Wow it's so gorgeous! This thread is convincing me I need one of those myself! I think when one hears Balenciaga they think of the city/day/first but the other styles are also so much fun.
  13. I love Anthra such a beautiful color and the veiny leather is gorgeous! Congrats!
  14. wow this is really pretty..i really like it..i'm tempted to get one!
  15. That is such a cool style! Glad to hear it's working so well for you. The leather is deelish!