Pics of new accessories...

  1. The bracelet is $850, the hats are $525, the gloves are $595, the cuff is $1650, and the little wallet thingys are $430...

    Courtesy of Damian at
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  2. very nice thanks.
  3. the hats look very "winter wonderland" lol
  4. Wonderful.....the cuff is pretty....but the price is quite steep~
  5. I like the bracelet, but yeah the price is up there. The fingerless gloves are really cute.
  6. love the hats but these prices are starting to hurt!
  7. i've seen the muticolor resin one irl...i didn't care for it at all..and the price was outrageous. although i am sure that there are plenty that can rock it just fine.

    the hats and gloves are cute!

    thanks for posting!
  8. How cute! How come the pics are so small ....
  9. That cuff is gorgeous! I tried it on at the opening of the BH boutique. But decided to buy the 228 black metallic instead. Maybe i can get DH to buy the cuff for my birthday.:idea:
  10. I've got the hat and gloves on order....both colors will be in so I'll chose then.