Pics of Neverfull PM vs. MM size

  1. My Neverfull PM arrived from Eluxury today. I had already ordered the MM but thought it might be too big so I ordered the PM too to see if it was more my size. The measurements didn't seem so drastic, but the PM to me is much much smaller IRL so I decided to post this thread with pics of the difference in hopes of helping others who might be deciding.

    LOL...sorry no GM for me....I already know that one is way too big for me.
    MM vs PM2.JPG MM vs PM3.JPG MM on shoulder.JPG PM on shoulder.JPG
  2. ^^ Great idea. Yes for someone like me who is petite and likes small to medium bags the pm is just fine. Anyone who likes a larger bag the mm is the way to go.
  3. I completely agree. I'm 5'8 and average build and the MM feels me feel smaller :smile:. The PM makes me feel like a
  4. Thanks for the comparsion pics!
    I think the PM would be big enough for me, being a short person.:sad:
  5. Thanks!
    This is great, esp. for people who are odering them without seeing IRL. :tup:
  6. I think i'm going to enjoy the pm. Looks like it might if over my shoulder or but its going to be replacing my speedy so thus my oping for the pm. I'll grab the mm in the damier when it comes out :biggrin:

    thanks for posting the pic's they really help.
  7. Thanks alot for the pics :smile: Now i know PM is definitely much suitable for my daily needs, though i've been seeing many ladies carrying the MM.
  8. I agree. I thought the PM would be okay because the measurements don't seem to be drastically different, but these pictures make me realize the MM would be better.

    Thanks for the pictures :smile:
  9. oh great thanks for posting this :tup:
    mm looks like the right size for you, I'm only 5"0 so i think pm's better for me, I couldn't decide which one now I know! thank u!! :p
  10. Fabulous! Thanks for showing the difference.
  11. since this thread is about size, does anyone own a speedy 30 and a neverfull? how does the size compare??
  12. I love them bolth.
  13. :tup:Nice comparison...definitely PM for me coz im just 5'ft. tall. Id like to know the price of both PM & MM . Thanks!:yahoo:chippy:dothewave:
  14. Thanks for posting this! I want a Neverfull for Christmas!
  15. OMG! I need to get one for my birthday....!