Pics of Naturel vs White? Please!

  1. So holts has very little colour selection right now. I'm dying to see naturel in real life but they have none!

    Does anyone have a BBag in naturel and white? If so would you be se kind as to post a side by side pic of the two? I'd like to get a Bried in naturel but I'm trying to figure out is it white with grey undertones? yellow undertones? beige? etc. So if someone would be so kind to post a pic of naturel and white it would be much appreciated!

  2. Here is natural, white and greige. I had to include greige because those were the only ones that I already had. Hope this helps. :smile:
    pic000v2.jpg pic013v2.jpg pic014v2.jpg
  3. Ooh thanks! Thats very helpful. Now I just need to find Naturel in the stores! It really sucks that Holt's is the only store that carries Bal in Toronto :sad:

  4. SpecialK, here's my newest addition, my Natural GH Part-time...
    NatGHPart-time.JPG NatPT1.jpg NatPT2.jpg
  5. I'm liking how beigey the natural seems to be. I would kill for a matelasse in natural.

    Oh yeah - and thanks so much for those pics! Seeing the white, griege, and natural side by side like that is really helpful.
  6. ooh, great comparison pics!!! thank you!
    circoit, natural matelasse sounds pretty! ah, another lemming...
  7. Oooh. Pretty shades you have there, powder!

    larnette, I just :heart: ya Naturel GH Part Time! I don't know what it is about the Naturel that makes it look SO fab with GH!
  8. I know! When I saw the side by side with the White GH, the natural just blew me away! It's warm but still flashy--striking!! ;)
  9. [​IMG]

  10. I just returned my natural city with regular hardware. I personally think the natural needs the GH - love the look!

  11. The pictures are a great help!
    I am totally new to Bbag.
    Therefore, very confused with the similar shades! :confused1:

    Is the top or the bottom NATUREL?

    I am planning to get a City...w/o the GH!
  12. this is one reason that i hate toronto!!!
  13. thanx a lot~~~ it is really helpful!!