*PICS* of natural City, vermillion wallet and impulse buy pony hair

  1. The natural City is beautiful and almost exactly as I expected. No surprises here except the leather was thicker than I expected it to be. The wallet I am still not sure of. Love the wallet, not so sure I love the color. It is sure not more orange than rouge VIf, and it's not as vibrant, at least that is the case with this wallet. This may get exchanged for another color. The pony hair was an impulse eBay buy. I put the opening bid on it and forgot all about it. I won it for 600. something. It is really pretty. I love the silver, love the color and it's a great bag to save for special occasions since I know this one can get dirty easily and also the hair can wear off. The crystals with the silver are really pretty.
    I took pictures in natural, sun, and inside with flash.
    Pics of vermillion wallet:
    pic003.jpg pic002.jpg pic028.jpg pic030.jpg
  2. Natural City:
    pic005.jpg pic008.jpg pic011.jpg pic012.jpg pic026.jpg
  3. love the wallet :smile:
  4. Ivory pony with pale pink trim and silver hardware:
    pic027.jpg pic018.jpg pic023.jpg pic019.jpg pic021.jpg
  5. The natural looks lovely...especially with the outside natural light. I love it.

  6. the pony hair is so cute I :heart: the silver hw and the crystals
  7. Congratulations....all three buys are fantastic. My fave is the Natural City, I just love it!
  8. :love: :love: Man, that natural city sure is stunning, I just love it. I really love all of your new things..that vermillion is exactly what I love in a red, blood!! thanks for sharing and congrats!!
  9. Nice! Thanks for posting, especially the the vermillion wallet. I'm trying to gather as much "intellegence" as possible about vermillion. I want a red bag but was afraid of the orange tones. I think I'm leaning towards it now...

    Love the natural city too! I'm glad the leather doesn't seem like an issue now.
  10. beautiful!!
    how does the natural compare to griege?
  11. Gorgeous bags - love the natural !!!
  12. Very, very nice new stuff!! I like that pony hair more than I thought I would but I love the natural city!!
  13. Natural is much lighter, not as distressed and not nearly as much gray. My Greige has less gray than many other bags, but they still are very different. I will take a picture tomorrow in the sun. The sunlight is gone now and I am on my way out the door, but here is a picture of my greige and natural in almost the same light. They aren't very, very different but you could never mistake them. The greige is significantly darker and more gray even though in these pictures they don't look all that different. Better comparison pictures tomorrow.

    Happy New Year to everyone!
  14. Oops sorry, here are pics:
    #1 natural inside with flash
    #2 greige inside with flash
    #3 natural outside in sun
    #4 natural outside less sun
    #5 greige outside some sun
    pic025.jpg pic000v2.jpg pic013.jpg pic012.jpg pic000.jpg
  15. love the wallet!