PICS of Naked Bag and Metallic Patchwork Tote..Thoughts??

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]I am not sure if these pics have been posted yet or not, I remember talk of the naked bag before, but didn't remember seeing pics. I'm not sure what to think. I seriously doubt it will be worth the price and I kinda like the metallic bag, but I think I would probably choose another bag given the choice. **These pics were taken from under spring 2007 accessories report. There are also some other pics also well including, naked ballet flats and some wedges that are definitely not my style.**
  2. The naked one has been posted but I have not seen tee 2nd one.

    I don't like either for me.
    The naked one is great for gals that work in the Mall and are required to carry a clear handbag.
    The 2nd one is okay, just not for me!
  3. Although I usually giggle at the word "naked", I don't like that bag at all. Who needs nosey people looking at the contents of your bag?
  4. I like them both but not enough to own.
  5. I don't like either.
  6. Never thought I'd say this about Chanel... but the Naked bag looks like a piece of junk. Can you imagine how easy it will be to knock it off?

    I like the metallic bag, although it's not what I would buy.
  7. Plastic Chanel definitely a no no... why would anyone pay premium for plastic?
    The second bag is interesting... I wondering if the dark brown in the picture is the Khaki that everyone has been referring to for the Coco Cabas Cruise collection...??
  8. I have what looks like the "Naked ballet flat" (in black) from last year, but mine is mesh in the part that looks like plastic this year. Otherwise it's the same shoe and heel. Plastic makes your foot sweat and the plastic will get cloudy... not a good look!
  9. Not too fond of either of these. The 2nd one is ok.
  10. The 1st one looks like it would be a gift w/purchase from a cosmetics counter, the 2nd looks like a square disco ball.
  11. :yucky:
  12. The Naked Bag looks like Chanel ran out of design ideas.
  13. Definitely not for me.

    Some stores and restaurants require their employees to carry a clear/see through bag for their belongings instead of a purse, maybe they would enjoy the "naked" Chanel.
  14. Saw the 'naked' one in NYC yesterday.... no, not for me.
  15. I really love the metallic one -- not like traditional "patchwork" bags at all. It looks like mosiac to me.

    I'm not a fan of the naked bag. Paying well over $1K for plastic is not my thing.