Pics of my Zebra & Geranium Slim Wallets...

  1. Hi All -

    Here's my new Madeline Zebra (pony hair) Tote, her matching Zebra Slim Wallet and coordinating Geranium Leather Slim Wallet!

    Of course I won't use both wallets at the same time. I'll probably use the Geranium wallet more often with this tote because I don't like to be too matchy-matchy. I'll get to use the Zebra Slim Wallet with my other larger bags.

    A couple of seasons ago, I purchased the Legacy Zebra Hobo and the matching Legacy Zebra French Purse, which I love. But I prefer to use a Slim Wallet with my larger bags, now I can!

    I didn't show a pic of the Zebra wallet's interior, but it's lined in Lavender leather, ummmmmm! You can see it peeking out in one of these pics...
    IMGP0485-1tPF.jpg IMGP0484-1tPF.jpg IMGP0486-1tPF.jpg IMGP0487-1tPF.jpg IMGP0494-1tPF.jpg
  2. where's the pics??? Can't wait to see!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yay!! I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see pictures!
  4. Wouldn't hurt to actually show the pics! Sorry for the delay, I forgot to attach them, da!
  5. ooh la la! great pics! i love the zebra wallet! the matching zebra madeline tote is a little too much for me, but i love the madeline shape and structure.

    are you in your bathroom? do i see coach catalogs on the magazine rack? lol great reading material! :nuts:
  6. Yep & Yep, you gotta have something good to read!
  7. Love them!! I can hardly wait to see my Madeline! I'm so nervous about whether I'll like it or not!
  8. WooHoo nice pieces!!
    Thanks for the modeling pic; so the Madeline may be worn comfortably on the shoulder also? Is it more comfy on the shoulder or in the crook of your arm or both?
  9. I think as long as it's the color you were expecting, or you feel that the color will fit your tastes, you'll love it. I've seen her IRL, and I think she's very pretty. If I were to purchase a leather Madeline, your color or the Green would be my choice.

    The 18th will be here soon, hang on...:tup:
  10. I can definitely wear her on my shoulder. The straps are a bit stiff, so I'm hoping that they will soften with wear. But the straps do hold comfortably in my hands...
  11. That bag is beautiful! Are they hard to maintain?
  12. I love your bag and wallets!!!! so pretty
  13. Congrats, bag looks fab on you and the Geranium is TDF!
  14. I hope not, as I've never had an issues with my Legacy Zebra. This tote does have Zebra on the front & back, but the Legacy only has a zebra front. So I hope that I won't have a problem with hair loss wearing it against my body.
  15. Is the geranium slim wallet pretty roomy? I am thinking about it getting it in geranium or green but can't decide. Could you show some pics of the inside and back?

    I love how it goes with your madeline! :yes: