Pics of my Woven Gryson Skye

  1. I am so very very happy I made this purchase. I've wanted one forever. It was what I listed as my dream bag that I'd never be able to get in one old thread. It's the prefect blue shade. It is a little heavier than the regular Skye but no biggie. Shoptwigs Kristen even sent me a hand written thank you card! Thye have their customer service down pat!



  2. Cuuuuuute, you always pick the cutest ones!
  3. So beautiful, Lexie! It's positively the most beautiful bag!!! :tup:
  4. Gorgeous bag!! A co-worker of mine purchased the Skye in chocolate brown leather this past winter. I've been lusting the Gryson Skye ever since!!!!!
  5. Oh, I love :drool::drool::drool: your bag. I held the Skye for the first time (our Nordstroms just started carrying it) yesterday. I am absolutely lusting over this bag. I was going to buy my first Chloe, but not after holding the Skye. It was love:heart:. Congratulations:tup:.
  6. Congratulations! Wanting something for a long time and then getting a great feeling! Enjoy!
  7. Gorgeous!!! That's the first time I've seen it extended like that and I love it.
  8. Beautiful bag, Lexie! Just out of curiosity-how many bags do you own? It seems like you must have a 100 of them- I am wondering how you get your husband to agree with your handbag habit! Mine is always on my case-what's your secret?:rolleyes: Pray tell-I need a little help!
  9. Love It!!
  10. Wow, love it.
  11. Congrats on your new Skye! Any modelling pics? Enjoy it!
  12. I love that bag! Looks great.
  13. Yes, The chocolate Skye was so nice also. Such quality. Yes, the price is hefty but this is one case that I feel the quality helps justify the price.

    JNH14....I don;t have a million bags. I sell bags that I don't use alot to fund new ones. Hubby is cool. Our bills are paid, we have no debt, and since I work also, he indulges me. It doesn't mean I don't get a little sneer everyonce in awhile but even he appreciates a good deal so he gets into the good prices I get sometimes.

    I wrote a note to Shoptwigs and they wrote back today. Here is their response. You guys should give them a call. Those Wovens in neutrals are still there and using the SANGRIA code you can save 200.00.

    Hi Lexie,

    Thanks so much for your kind email! We take our customer service very seriously, and we always appreciate feedback. I'm glad you love your Skye! Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with in the future. We're truly happy to have you as a shoptwigs customer!



    On 6/28/07, Lexie Marlin wrote:
    Hi Kristen...I got my Blue woven Skye Gryson today and it's the loveliest thing I've seen! I have wanted this bag since it came out. Packing was perfect. And the handwritten thank you was so personal and such a nice touch. I made sure I showed pics and told of your great customer service in the purse forum. It was my pleasure and I will keep your site in my favorites. Thanks for the great bag!

  14. It's one of those deceiving bags. The dimensions in print doesn't make it sound too big but it's kind of like the Gustto Baca. You can keep stuffing it and it ends up holding a ton. You can see the depth from the 2nd pic. That's why I didn't consider the bigger Olivia or even bigger Jasper. This bag holds all of my regular stuff, plus a book and more stuff. Especially when extended. I tend not to use the shoulder straps.
    The only thing I don't like is the plain Skye's (like my Chocolate Skye) had the neatest stretchy woven handles. The new Wovens have a plainer leather wrapped handle. I adored the stretchy ones but there is a possibility of them stretching out if you hold too much stuff so with the extra weight of the woven they probably needed to change them.
  15. Gorgeous!