pics of my very first Day! Plomb!

  1. hi guys!

    so i finally got around to getting a day bag... i have been so tempted over the years about this style, and finally decided it was a must for weekends, walking the dog while drinking coffee.. that kind of stuff.. Definitely needed a shoulder bag..

    so here she is..

    just some info on me.. i tend to pic my bal bags for leather texture over color.... am i alone in this?

    so when looking for a day bag i wanted one that looked like my weekends... like my favorite pair of jeans that have been washed a thousand times.. super casual..
    and i found this day bag.. and it happened to be plomb.. so i bought it!

    its so super fluffy soft.. not veiny at all, although it sort of looks like it in one of the photos.. its the closest leather i have personally seen that resembles that fluffy soft light 05 leather..

    and the color is super great. sometimes black, sometimes like the lead of a pencil, sometimes a bit navy.. really great.

    enjoy the pics! off to walk the dog! have a great weekend everyone!

    ps.. can someone teach me how to attach files inside a message so they are bigger? thanks!
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
  2. She's gorgeous!!! I love the crinkles & veins against the smooth leather on the belted section in that second photo - too cool :love:

    I've not chosen any of my bbags in person, but I think if I found a color with INCREDIBLE leather I'd definitely consider it... put it this way, no matter how beautiful a color is I wouldn't want one if the leather didn't match up.
  3. Nice color!! Congrats!! :smile:
  4. congrats! i love the plomb!
  5. Wow! That is one fab bag! Seriously, best leather I've ever seen!
  6. [​IMG]
    Yikes - another smooshy, fluffy, thick, want to squeeze leather!!! That is so beautiful!!! :yahoo:
    ps - I will pm you on pics!
  7. Oh WOW looks like great leather!
  8. Congrats!!! You will love the day style. The fw07 leather is looking so yummy I might need to get me some of that :graucho:
  9. Congrats!! :yahoo:
  10. Congrats on your first Day, toni:heart:!!! It's so easy to wear, it's really my favorite current Bal style. The leather looks totally fluffy - and I bet it will get even nicer with wear :smile:
  11. :huh:Ooh.... love the squishy leather. :woohoo: Congrats!
  12. Ooo, I LOVE it! Congrats:nuts:!
  13. congrats!! love the day style and love the colour!!
  14. [​IMG]

    ^^ OMG, girl, that's gorgeous!!! :nuts:
  15. I love it! Scrumptious!