Pics of my Veruka tote

  1. Sorry it took so long to upload, but here it is...

    The tote is different in shape and print than Nola's Veruka tote.

    I've been using it all week and it's so fun! It's so sassy (I know, cheesy term).

    In case people were wondering, I am 5'3" on a good day ;) .
    Picture 125.jpg Picture 126.jpg Picture 127.jpg
  2. It's beautiful! I knew you would get the red! Congrats!
  3. It looks awesome with your stripey dress. Great choice!
  4. Nice! Glad that you like it. Hope you feel better now. =)
  5. That bag looks really cute on you, SuLi, especially with your black and white striped dress!! Congratulations!! And thanks for posting pics!
  6. Oops .. sorry! Double post!
  7. LOL 5'3" on a good day!

    Love the tote, the girl's face looks like mine on a Monday morning.
  8. i love it!!! there is something so cute about her lol. Where did u end up getting her?
  9. Before I saw this pic, I wasn't crazy about this tote...but it looks so cute on you! Very unique! I really love it! Hooray for you!
  10. Sassy? :lol: It's spunky...or dare I say, *****in! :lol: Seriously though, it's very cool, SuLi, and you wear her really well. Have fun in your travels together! ;)
  11. Oh it´s so cuuuute! I have to remember to take a pic posing with mine. The expession of your girly in the bag is much happier than the one on mine :biggrin:
  12. Thanks everyone! I think secretly, I was waiting to wear a cute outfit to take pictures ;) .

    Nola - I think the reason why I chose this particular tote was based on the expression. I LOVE the shape of your tote, but I think the little bustier, lace dress Veruka is sporting is very cute!

    thithi - As my boyfriend says, it looks like me in the mornings :nuts: .

    BagLover26 - I got the tote from Cusp in Tyson's Corner..the new Neiman pilot store. It was the only place that I found in my area with the totes, although they are available online at Neiman's and Bergdorf's, and eLuxury.
  13. I never looked twice at this bag until you posted these pic's ---- Now I want it. It is so cute on you. Thanks for posting.
  14. ooh it's sooo cute
  15. ^ Cute! Let me check the expression of your bag again. =)